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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh, go ahead and cry!

My friend made the three hour trip from her home to mine so that I could watch her little dog this weekend while she made a run to pick up her car from The Popular Mechanic in Las Vegas, Nevada. He had just done an engine rebuild for her. It was going to be a six hour run one way. She had rented a car to get from her home to mine and then to Vegas where she would drop it off (yes,The Popular Mechanic is that good that she had arranged for her car to get to him and then now to go to retrieve it!). She would pick up the "new old car" and head right back, probably a 14 hour day or more. Her "little red haired girl" is too much of a princess to tolerate that kind of a trip, so the minute she arrived, the little red haired girl made herself right at home on her pillow on the sofa.

My friend and I hadn't seen each other for several months and she had had a birthday during that time. I wanted to make her something special for a Birthday Dinner. She is trying to be a vegetarian, and likes Mexican food, so I decided on cheese enchiladas. Lots of other good stuff to go with them (the enchiladas were especially for her, vegetarian) meat tacos for the rest of us. (I combined the pork and beef and really liked it that way).

The afternoon she arrived, though, Herman was having a big meeting upstairs and one of the girls attending was a mutual friend. We all decided to go out to lunch and visit for a spell.
The Birthday Dinner would have to wait until she returned from Vegas. We had eaten so much at lunch, noone wanted to think about eating again that night. 

My friend made her trip the next day and came right back as planned. The monsoon rains helped confuse her return trip and she arrived back a little too late for dinner again that night. We talked a little about her trip and decided the enchiladas would have to wait again.

She slept in a little the next morning, but we all  had a nummy breakfast of guacamole on sourdough toast with seasonal fruit on the side. Lots of coffee, she was still a little road hung over from the long trip and needed some stimulation to get moving by then.

My little dog, Bentley continued to try to impress her "little red haired girl" by showing his personality whenever he got a chance.She wasn't much impressed, making Bentley feel a little like Charlie Brown. They pretty much kept to themselves. 

Little red haired girl waited at the door the whole time Mommy was gone. Thought she had been abandoned. Bentley felt kind of sad for her because he knows how she felt. He sulks whenever I leave. Sometimes waiting in the car, "Come on, let's go get Mom."
We finally had the dinner. She took a picture of the beautiful table I had set with all the nummy food and my new hat looking placemats, but when she edited the picture to get a good close up of me, Picasa forgot to save the original. So this is all you will see of the beautiful spread I made... You can see the hat looking placemats under the fruit bowl in the center of the table in the picture below.
It was a nice looking table and Herman was in it too, but she apologizes that she goofed and didn't quite know how to use Picasa as she should. That darned ole learning curve, causing problems again. "There just isn't enough time in a day!" As Herman always says. 
My friend stuffed herself on two enchiladas and let the rest of us have a share of the pan too. Mmmm, they were good, if I do say so myself.

It was a full house this weekend. I always cry when I see my friend coming and then when it's time for her to leave, I cry again. I had been telling her the story of my childhood and how easily I would cry. My mother would say something she knew would upset me and then before I could start, she would throw up her hands and say, "Oh, go ahead and cry!"

So as the language of friends seals the intimacy found there, my friend usually blows a kiss and waves goodbye as she pull out the drive...this time she rolled down her window and yelled, "Oh, go ahead and cry!"

Of course I laughed! :o)

That'll do pig!

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