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Friday, June 10, 2011

Take All You Want

I'm eighty one. 
I think it looks better if you spell it out rather than use numerals.

I believe "You don't stop doing things because you get old. You get old because you stop doing things." Rosamunde Pilcher

So as not to get old, did I say I was eighty one...oops! Okay, so as not to get too old, I keep pretty busy. 
I love my home. I love cooking. I even love, yes love, to clean. I feel so accomplished when I have a clean home. 
Not so much ironing. But it's a chore that needs doing, so I just buckle down and get er dun. 

I always say, "Take all you want and eat all you take."
That is before we start a meal. 
It kind of applies to life too. (If you plan to take a lot, you should probably plan to use it wisely.)
But ya have to watch out not to get greedy. It's good to leave some for others, don't ya think?

I've decided to start this blog because my grandson told me I should write down all the cute little quips I throw at him as wisdoms.

My friend told me she would post what I write and design it for me so I don't have to learn all that new stuff. I'm busy cooking. But she loves all the little things I say too and thought I really needed to get them out there for others to hear.

She keeps asking me, "Did you write that one down, like your grandson asked?"

So, I'm gonna tell her and she will write them down and  probably have a few cents to add too. (all links are probably her two cents. She has my permission, because I get the final say.)

I plan to post an expression or two and feature some of my best recipes.
Oh and some of my life stories and my daily adventures.
Keep looking out. We're gonna post a picture of me without my teeth.
You get to a certain age and ya just have to laugh at yourself. (o;
My ghost writer says I look cute without them. You'll have to let me know.
See ya next time. I'll be posting my special Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe. No one can resist it. You'll love it. It's so easy!

That'll do pig!

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